Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequent questions about our products and services.

Q: What analytical solutions do you implement?

A: We implement Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Q: Do you implement other analytical solutions than Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics?

A: Yes, we also implement analytical solutions not listed on our website, eg Webtrends, Piwik etc.

Q: Do you implement tag management solutions on the website?

A: Yes, we implement such solutions. Currently, the most popular among our clients are Google Tag Manager and Dynamic Tag Management.

Q: Do you implement Click Tracking solutions?

A: Yes, we implement Click Tracking solutions provided by such providers as Click Tale, HotJar, CrazyEgg. We also implement solutions from other suppliers - depending on the requirements and set goals.

Q: Do you implement solutions for carrying out A / B / X tests?

A: Yes, we implement solutions offered by Google (Optimize) and other providers such as AB Testy, Optimizely, VWO

Q: Do you implement solutions related to data visualization?

A: Yes, we implement solutions for data visualization and presentation such as Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI and Google Studio

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